Pedagogical Seminar

Ethical hacking - Problem-based learning for white hats.
Welcome to the first talk of the series!

Time: Wed 2019-01-30 12.15 - 13.00

Lecturer: Prof. Pontus Johnson, EECS Network and Systems Engineering

Location: Campus Valhallavägen F3, med föreläsare. Kista, Hall C, streamad

Since HT 2017, we hold a 7,5 hp course in Ethical Hacking, EN2720. The course teaches students about information security in a highly stimulating problem-based manner. In the main technical project, students are given access to a mock corporate computer network that we have built in the Google Cloud Platform. Their task is to compromise a number of hosts, move laterally in the network and exfiltrate specific information from various locations. They learn about networking, operating systems, programming, but most of all, of course, information security. In addition to the technical project, students also write and present an essay on ethical dilemmas in information security. The course has received significant positive media attention (coverage in DI, Radio P1 Ekot, Radio P1 Uppkopplad, Computer Sweden, Ny Teknik, Radio P3, and even the reputable Russian state organ Pravda, among others).

You do not need to sign up for the seminar. If you prefer, you can take your lunch with you.

In the upcoming EECS pedagogical seminars you will learn about the small GRU development projects that we started in 2018.

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