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Sign up to EECS Digital Day 2021

EECS's digital summer celebration: 16 June, 15:00

Published Apr 21, 2021

Before the semester ends and the summer holidays begin, all employees at the school gather for a joint end of term. Sign up by 4 June to receive a summer gift.

Practical information


16 June, 15:00 (lasts approx. 45 minutes)


In Zoom (The Zoom webinar link is published before the meeting)


Register no later than 4 June

The webinar will be recorded and published on the intranet. 


The summer celebration is estimated to last for 45 minutes. 

  • Inspirational lecture by Kia Höök , Professor in Interaction Design. See more details about the lecture at the end of the page. Ask your questions to Kia in the Q &A, the answers will be published on the intranet.
  • Duets for oboe and clarinet by Bernhard Crusell och Jaromír Vejvoda performed by Professor Viggo Kann  and Associate Professor Stefan Nilsson , at the Division of Theoretical Computer Science.

Deputy Head of School Lars Nordström  moderates the meeting.


Sign up  no later than 4 June to receive a summer gift!

Kia Höök's lecture

Altered Relationships to Technology: somatic symbiosis, correspondence, alterity, or monster?

Three recent technical and societal developments are challenging user-centred interaction design: hybrid physical/digital materials; an increasingly complex and fluid digital ecology; and the increasing proportion of autonomous systems changing their behavior with use.

These developments demand novel design ideals, theories and design methods, decentring, enrichening or even questioning what can be understood as the category “human”. In postphenomenology relationships such as embodiment; alterity; hermeneutic; or background are proposed. Somaesthetics and feminist theories uncover richer, complex somasensory entanglements with technologies. Social science theories may shift design from interaction to correspondence with nature and multi-species interactions. Sometimes, the relationship is best framed with a concept from the humanities: as a monster