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Report incidents, risks and occupational injuries

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Published Feb 01, 2021

An occupational injury means all injuries and illnesses that occur as a result of both physical and psychosocial working conditions. This includes accidents whilst working, accidents to and from work (travel accidents) or occupational disease due to work. If this happens you are to contact your manager.

What shall I do if I injure myself at work?

Together with the safety representative you will fill in a report, and information about how to do this can be found at the page: Reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries

An incident is a situation in which no one has been harmed, but which could have resulted in ill health or accident.

A risk refers to a situation in which neither an incident nor an occupational injury has occurred, but where there is a risk that it could happen (for instance a blocked emergency exit).

Report incidents and risks to your manager as well, then measures can be taken to prevent accidents.

At the intranet you can also find information about insurances (Försäkringskassan and AFA), and insurance during temporarily work from home and during agreed teleworking. Do not forget to contact your own private insurance company if you have one.