Ann Lantz, Åke Walldius and Jan Gulliksen won Sweden's HR book 2019

From the left: Åke Walldius, Ann Lantz, Jan Gulliksen, Bengt Sandblad and Carl Åborg
Published Oct 09, 2019

Earlier this week, the book "The Digitization and the working environment", written by Jan Gulliksen, Ann Lantz, Åke Walldius, Bengt Sandblad and Carl Åborg, won Sweden's HR book 2019. The book views how digitalisation effects the work environment.

At this year's HR gala in the Blue Hall at Stockholm City hall on Tuesday evening, the book “The Digitization and the working environment" won the title of Sweden's HR book 2019 with the motivation:

“This year's HR book blends theory and practice in an accessible way, giving a holistic perspective on what it means to work practically with the working environment in an increasingly digitalized world. The authors take off in a modern view of organizations in order to both problematize and exemplify how working life is affected by digitalisation in a sharp and clarifying way.

Readers will gain valuable insights into the challenges that remain for each individual to have a better work day in the future. Through this insights the reader will take a step closer to exploiting the opportunities, and the positive in digitalisation, in order to simultaneously be able to create a good and sustainable working environments. With this book as a basis, managers, employees and HR as a profession can become clearer in their requirements in order to get more of the digital tools we choose to use. "

How does it feel to receive the HR book of the year award?

"It is fun and honourable that the book received this acknowledgement. HR is an important player in making sure that the digitalisation of working life contributes to benefits and a good working environment. Of course the biggest reward is that the book's content comes into practical use." says Bengt Sandblad, professor at Uppsala University and one of the book's co-authors.