Return to school – practical information

Published Jun 30, 2020

Here we have gathered the local routines and adaptations that have been developed to make our workplace safe and secure for everyone. For everyone's safety, we ask you to respect the rules of conduct and show consideration.

The text is updated continuously.

What applies to employees who need to be at the workplace?

Please keep distance sign
Please keep your distance
  • In general, flexible working hours are used to the extent possible to reduce congestion in the workplace and on public transport. Planning similar to shift work should be applied where possible, however, it is important that nobody is working completely alone.
  • Those in the same corridor unit should, to the extent possible, work at different times so that only every other room has staff at the same time, and so that the pressure on lunch rooms and toilets is reduced. Planning as if people work in teams should be applied where possible. The work environment manager ensures that this is complied with.
  • Two people sharing an office should not be in the room at the same time. In a workroom for four people, two can work simultaneously. The work environment manager ensures that this is complied with.
  • Whenever possible, lunch hours should be spread out and lunch taken with the people you work with daily or in the same room with. Markings of which seats may be used in the lunch rooms must be respected.
  • In the kitchens the following applies: coffee machines are cleaned by the supplier according to our full service agreement via JobMeal, dishwashers are used as normal but are emptied with disposable gloves on (staff can also wash up themselves and then use their own crockery and cutlery), clean the microwave ovens after every use.
  • Only one person at a time may stay in a print room or other smaller room.

Students: roll-call, introduction and reception

Roll-calls are held outdoors in a large tent outside F1 taking into account social distance. Program information and introduction to newly admitted students is preferably given via Zoom.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the Office of Student Affairs will not to keep open for drop-in visits for students at the beginning of the academic year, but instead refer our students to booked times, support and service via telephone and Zoom meetings.

What applies to teachers?

Information for teachers can be found in the article: Concretisation of the KTH President’s Decision V-2020-0410 for the Courses and Educational Programmes at KTH during the Autumn Term 2020

What applies in the labs?

Contact the lab's contact person for questions about the lab's routines around the corona virus. If you are not sure who to contact, email .

The school's labs

Additional information

  • Hand disinfection will be placed on the premises and may not be removed.
  • An extended cleaning takes place on all toilets, door handles and handrails.
  • Business trips should continue to be avoided. To the extent that they are nevertheless done, they must be in accordance with recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Health Agency. The occupational health and safety manager decides on business trips via the travel order routine.

Service center

  • From Monday, 10 August, all three service centers (Borggården, Electrum and Q) will be open Monday-Friday at. 10-14. Personnel also work during other office hours and are then reached at the Service Center's e-mail  or telephone 08-790 40 00.
  • The receptions will be equipped with a plexiglass boundary and distance markings for everyone's safety. There are also fever scanners to use. Please respect distance markings and the plexiglass boundary.


Information to be published


Direct your questions primarily to your immediate manager.

For questions regarding work environment contact the HR unit .

For infrastructure issues, contact the Infrastructure Unit .