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Congratulation to Pawel Herman

– appointed as a new programme director

Published Sep 18, 2019

Pawel Herman is appointed as a new programme director for CDATE, he starts 1 January 2020. Read his thoughts before his new assignment.

How does it feel to start as a PA for the CDATE programme?

It feels like an exciting opportunity to get involved in the educational process in the School at a very different level and thus gain new perspectives and novel experiences. At the same time, it obviously comes with serious responsibility and I feel strongly motivated to rise to the challenge to the best of my capabilities. I would like to continue the great work conducted by my predecessors and also look for opportunities for new advancements in the programme.

What are you most looking forward to with the assignment?

I am definitely looking forward to the extensive dialogue with undergraduate students, I am keen to learn more about how they perceive their educational opportunities, needs as well as their reflections on potential obstacles, difficulties but also the scope of their expectations. Also, I am excited about getting involved in the ongoing strategic developments in the School within the educational domain, especially in the context of the current re-organization process. There is room for accommodating new opportunities but also the need to fully understand potential risks – I am looking forward to being part of the relevant discussion forum in these strategic matters.

How do you view the future development of the programme in 5 or 10 years?

In the long-term perspective we will have to make sure that the programme adaptively addresses new emerging challenges and trends in computer science. This to some extent implies the need to broaden our students’ competences beyond what we currently perceive as the subject core (which will also inevitably evolve). For example, our CDATA students should be increasingly aware of legal and ethical aspects that can no longer be ignored by computer scientists. Similarly, it is desirable that our students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for multi-aspect impact of their work. I also believe that they should be well prepared not only to follow but also actively conduct, maybe even manage, research to better cater for growing industrial and academic needs, particularly in interdisciplinary environments. Last but not least, I expect that we will manage to broaden the recruitment base for the programme, which also implies the increased number of female students,

These are just a few reflections for further discussion about key directions for strategic development of the programme in the longer run.

What is the first thing you will do on 1 January when you begin your assignment?

I am already enjoying a unique chance to work along people involved in the CDATE programme, attend meetings and study their decision processes. It is a great honour and a rewarding lesson to be able to draw from their experiences and competences. This is also a good occasion to express my deep appreciation and gratitude particularly to the current PA team with Örjan Ekeberg in the first place. So, in January I will just carry on fulfilling my duties and keep climbing the steep learning curve as fast as possible, this time with a direct responsibility for the programme.