Congratulations to the "Data Science Technology of the year" award

Published Oct 14, 2019

Seif Haridi and Jim Dowlin at EECS Division of software and computer systems and their team at Logical clocks won the "Data Science Technology of the year" award at the European DatSci & AI Awards 2019

What is the "Data Science Technology of the year” award?

The DatSci awards demonstrate and celebrate the best of European Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in driving real business, educational and social outcomes. In this 4th Edition of the awards, the “Data Science Technology of the year” was presented for an innovative products developed and used as part of a live Data Science implementation in industry within the past 12-18 months in Europe.

Why did you won, what’s special?

Hopsworks is the leading open-source AI platform in Europe for the development and operation of Machine Learning pipelines at scale, based around the industry’s first Feature Store for machine learning. With Hopsworks, Data Scientists can easily progress from data exploration and model development in Python using Jupyter notebooks to running production quality end-to-end ML pipelines.

What is it that you do, and what is it used for?

Logical Clocks is only developer and vendor for the Hopsworks platform. We sell support and subscriptions for an Enterprise version of Hopsworks, with added support for security and connectors needed in Enterprise Environments. Hopsworks is used as both a Data Lake and AI Platform in industries such as finance, automotive, and healthcare.

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