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They enable safer and more efficient autonomous vehicles

Truls Nyberg, an industrial doctoral student at the Division of Robotics, Perception & Learning, and José Manuel Gaspar Sánchez from the unit of Mechatronics and Embedded Control Systems at ITM
Published Jun 20, 2022

Truls Nyberg and José Manuel Gaspar Sánchez put their heads together and came up with an algorithm that facilitates safer roads. In their award-winning paper, they show how to safely deploy autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the public space.

Hi Truls, and congratulations on the award! Tell us about the research behind the paper.

"Hi, thank you! To safely deploy autonomous vehicles (AVs) in the public space, they need to handle unseen traffic participants occluded by buildings or other vehicles. In this paper, we show how to model these hidden objects safely and efficiently and foresee where possible obstacles for the AV may arise."

What impact could this have on society?

"The future of AVs promises a safer and more efficient transport system, which, in turn, will be more accessible. The algorithm presented in our work enables both safer and more efficient AVs, which also benefits everyone else sharing the road."

What's the most exciting research going on within your field at the moment?

"Our robots and autonomous systems are now emerging from confined and controlled areas into the public space where they need to collaborate and interact with us. What currently inspires me the most is research on automatically generating risk-aware behaviours. I believe this will be essential for robots and AVs interacting with humans."

It's almost vacation time – what are your plans?

"I am looking forward to a study trip to Italy and a summer school in California, but also some relaxing saunas and midnight sun up in the north of Sweden."