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EECS is hiring a new programme director

for the Degree Programme in Computer Engineering

Photo: Fredrik Persson
Published Apr 21, 2021

The school is currently hiring a new programme director (PA) for the Degree Programme in Computer Engineering (TIDAB). The current program director for TIDAB will complete the assignment in the autumn of 2021. Apply no later than 14 May.

TIDAB is a program focusing on computer technology and information technology that realises the modern Internet with its use. This is done today from two aspects, which correspond to the programme's two competence specialisations chosen before year three.

One focus is on programming, where opportunities on the Internet are in focus.

The second focus is on the "Internet of Things, IoT". For TIDAB, the technology area computer technology means knowledge and skills in the structure and function of computers, computer networks (especially the Internet), data management, and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The program contains much programming.

The assignment

The new assignment starts on 1 September, 2021. Estimated work consumption is 25% of a full-time job in the long term but will be given 30% initially during the first year.

Description of the responsibilities and competence requirements for PA (in Swedish).

How to apply

A brief application must include:
• Employment on 1 January 2021, subject and department.
• Previous experience in operating and developing programmes and courses.
• What opportunities and challenges you see in being a PA for the Degree Programme in Computer Engineering.

Send your application to Ann Lantz , no later than 14 May 2021. 


The internal announcement for this position will be sent out to all the teachers at EECS.

For any questions, please contact Ann Lantz , Director of First and Second Cycle Education at EECS, KTH.