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Pupils praise Future Friday

Published Oct 24, 2018

When the inspirational day Future Friday was held last week, KTH’s campus in Kista was bursting with life. Almost 1000 pupils from the upper secondary school attended seminars and workshops to learn about career possibilities and studies in the IT area. The event received a lot of positive feedback scoring 4.5 out of 5 possible points in the event evaluation.

At Future Friday on the 19th of October, KTH’s campus in Kista was full of activity as pupils from technical or nature science programmes were offered to take part in workshops, engage in student projects and listen to talks from our inspiring alumni, researchers and students.

A new activity in this year’s edition of Future Friday was “Fika with a student”, a concept appreciated by both students at KTH and the visiting pupils. “It was very good and educational. It was also nice to meet KTH students. I would very much like to do it again and would recommend it to others” one pupil wrote in the evaluation which opened straight after the event.

Future Friday generally receives a lot of positive feedback, and the overall impression scored 4.5 out of 5 possible points. ”Today has been a wonderful day. I have learned a lot and I hope that I will experience many days like this one in the future” is one example of the positive comments given by the attending pupils.

Future Friday aims to inspire youths to consider an education and a career in IT by showing them the possibilities in that area. When asked if they could picture themselves working or studying in IT, 87% answered “Yes” and 12.2% answered “I do not know”.

With comments such as ”I think this is the best University that suits me, hope I get a place here next year”, EECS have high hopes of seeing many of the pupils as KTH students during the coming years.

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