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The Digital Degree Project Fair 2020

on 14 October - registration is open

Published Jun 08, 2020

The Degree Project Fair (Exjobbsmässan), which is organised annually by EECS, offers important meetings between students, researchers and the industry. Last year's fair attracted 15 research groups, 300 KTH students and almost 50 companies such as Spotify, King and Huawei. This year we will organise a digital version.

The Digital Degree Project Fair 2020 will this year consist of virtual meetings between organisations and EECS students. The school's research groups that offer degree projects also use to attend the fair.


  • The companies / researchers (the employers) and the students meet in Zoom where the employers briefly present their organisation and degree project/s. The employers will be grouped into different sessions between 11.30 am and 3.3o pm and will present one after another in the same Zoom room. Students can then ask questions via the chat and the room is moderated by KTH.
  • For more detailed information, students can visit the Exhibitor's 2020 page where the employers present their organisation/degree projects and provide contact information. Exhibitor's 2020 page .

Contact and project manager