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Films about research environments at EECS

Published Mar 27, 2019

During the winter, EECS has produced films about some of its unique and world-leading research environments. The first round of films includes the Smart Mobility Lab, PDC Center for High Performance Computing, the Electrum laboratory and the High Voltage Lab.

In collaboration with KTH Media production, the school has produced four lab films. Their purpose is to enhance visibility of the environments that our research has access to. 

The films are intended to be used for web, social media, presentations, and in other context where the school or labs is being described, for example when recruiting new talent. 

Electrum laboratory

High Voltage lab

PDC Center for High Performance Computing

Smart Mobility lab


Robotic Lab


Have questions about the films or have ideas for enviroments that should be featured the next time? Contact Maria Malmqvist.