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Office relocation within the Professional Support

Published Feb 13, 2019

In order to give even better service and support, some staff within the Professional Support has been relocated as follows:

HR is found here

Monday to Friday: Q, Malvinas väg 10, 3rd floor.
Tuesday to Friday: Electrum.
Tuesdays and Fridays: Borggården, Lindstedtsvägen 3, 4th floor.

School's office of student affairs is found here

Some of the employees at the 4th floor on Borggården will change rooms but will remain on the same floor.

As a result of the education office now fully taking over the responsibility for the exam administration at Borggården, a new examination room has been set up. This means that examination staff in the future will use the entrance of the staff kitchen on the 4th floor to retrieve and leave material.

Staff directory, school's office of student affairs 

Infrastructure team is found here

EECS infrastructure team at KTH campus (Stefan, Viktor, Martin and Sofia) have moved to Teknikringen 31. They are located in in the room between the post room and meeting room Gustaf Dahlander. The team serves all of the school's buildings and premises at KTH campus through fixed rounds and on-going needs.


E-mail , call +46-8-790 71 46 or visit a Service Center.

Staff directory, infrastructure and service unit