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Do this before going on Christmas holiday

Published Nov 27, 2019

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner for you and your colleagues, but before leaving the office there are some things that need to be done and kept in mind. And cleverly enough we have listed them all below!

Your office

  • Make sure to put back and wash cups, cutlery and other items belonging to the staff kitchens
  • Clear the staff refrigerator from you belongings and throw away old food

Administrative assignments

  • Approve your invoices latest 2 January,  checked 23 and 27 December at 10 am -3 pm
  • If you have invoices coming, make sure to forward them to a working colleague
  • Hand in receipts for representation in 2019
  • See if you have agreements that will require legal review and signature. The KTH’s Civil Law and Contracts Unit is closes 21 December and does not open until 7 January 2020, hence it will not be possible to get support in agreement matters during this time.

E-mail and phone

  • Turn on an autoreply for your e-mail to let internal and external contacts know that you are on holiday

  • Register your absence in the mobile phone. This will connect the caller to the KTH-switchboard.
    Register absence

Merry Christmas from the professional support staff!