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Congratulations Boqian Wang co-author of the “Featured Paper of the Month” of the IEEE TC

Boqian Wang with a ginger cat.
Published Oct 12, 2020

Doctoral student Boqian Wang and Professor Zhonghai Lu have been awarded “Featured Paper of the Month” of the prestigious IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC) for their paper "Advance Virtual Channel Reservation". We've talked to Boqian Wang about his research.

Congratulations to having your paper selected as the “Featured Paper of the Month” of the IEEE Transactions on Computers! Could you tell us a bit about the paper?

“Thank you! In fact, we are honoured to receive this recognition by the prestigious journal.

This is a paper co-authored by me and my supervisor, Professor Zhonghai Lu. In the paper, we proposed a smart communication highway service to accelerate the message transfer among processors and memories in many-core processors. By applying this service to application programs, it can greatly reduce software’s execution time.

Our research group has accumulated many years of experience and expertise in designing high-performance Networks on Chips (NoCs) for many-core processors. This paper is an outcome based on our many years of research in this field.”

What do you focus on in your research, what are your main areas of interest?

“I focus on the high-performance design of computer architecture, more specifically, Network-on-Chip (NoC) design. It is mainly about the interconnection network that supports the communication among processors and memories on a chip. For the general NoC design, I take the many-core architecture and application as a whole to support high-performance computing. For the dedicated NoC design, I research on the specific communication architecture for 5G microprocessors.”

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

“Now I am a doctoral student at Department of EE, EECS. I majored in computer architecture design as a master student in China. When I decided to study abroad in 2016, I found that KTH is a university with high rank in computer science, and my supervisor Professor Zhonghai Lu does an excellent work in this research area. So I finally decided to come here to be a PhD student under the supervision of Professor Lu, and continue my research in the computer architecture design.

Apart from the work, I like running and badminton. I also enjoy traveling and being an amateur photographer.”