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Congratulations, Lorenz Roth

Published Jun 09, 2020

Congratulations Lorenz Roth, new Docent at EECS, Space and Plasma Physics!

How does it feel ?

It always take a day or two for it to sink in, but now I am really happy that I accomplished this. The champagne with colleagues and friends has to wait though...  

What is your area of research?

Our group does research in space and plasma physics. My own research can be described as planetary astronomy. I mostly use a large telescope to observe smaller planetary bodies like the moons of Jupiter or asteroids and study their atmospheres and electrodynamic environment.  

What excites you the most about your area of research?

Often we ask for observing time on a telescope with a specific hypothesis about a phenomenon based on theory and a specific way to observe this. If everything works out and the observations indeed show the predicted phenomenon on the observed Jupiter moon, this is a great confirmation that physics works and things can be predicted if done correctly!

In what way is your area of research interesting for a non-researcher and for the future?

The Earth is the most precious asset we have. Studying other planetary bodies is absolutely crucial to understand the "system planet” and the Earth's history - and to anticipate its future.