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Congratulations! Staff mobility to strategic collaboration partners

Congratulations to funding!

Published Aug 26, 2019

The PAUS project in collaboration between Vinnova and KTH, has set aside fundings to support staff mobility to strategic collaboration partners. Central funding has been distributed in the KTH president's decision on sabbatical for teachers.

EECS has decided to use money within the PAUS project to increase staff mobility to strategic partners, and to benefit from the evaluation process of applicants that the PAUS project conducts.

Funds have been allocated to:

• TCS, Cyrille Arto mobility to SAAB, 110000 sec

• Electric power technology, Hans-Peter Nee mobility to AAB AB, 110000 sec

In the KTH president's decision on teacher sabbatical, central funding has been allocated to:

Ming Xiao within the initiative Sabbatical period for teachers, 570000 sek.