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High QS placements for electrical engineering and computer science at KTH

Published Mar 13, 2019

KTH scored record numbers at the QS University Ranking by subject 2019, the highest placement being in electrical engineering (19) but also in computer science and information systems (41) where KTH advanced into the top 50 for the first time. Head of School Jens Zander deduces the success to decades of performing high quality research and clever recruitment strategies.

Hello Jens Zander, Head of School in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at KTH. Electrical engineering (place 19) is KTH’s highest ranked subject by QS. What lies behind the success?

"The primary base of the QS University Ranking is our reputation, which we have internationally among both researchers and students. For a long time the research that we perform has maintained a high quality, and looking at the last decades this has given us a very prominent international position."

Computer science and information systems (place 41) placed in the top 50 for the first time. What has contributed to this positive development?

"We have continuously enhanced our research reputation in computer science, not least thanks to several successful recruitments over the last years. Those investments are now starting to show real results. A strong brand and reputation is not something that is created overnight."

Looking at international universities with comparable research and education profiles, how does electrical engineering and computer science at KTH compare?

"Compared with technical universities with similar financial conditions, such as UT München, TU Delft and KAIS, KTH is positioned very nicely. KTH is ahead of all of our competitors in electrical engineering, and in computer science and information system we are right behind them."

What does it mean to receive prominent placements on prestigious ranking lists of this kind?

"This is a fateful matter for KTH in the long-term. International students and research talents are making far more conscious career choices today than before. In order to continue to recruit the best we need to be at the top of these lists."

How will we work to maintain our placements, and perhaps even continue to climb, at international ranking lists?

"Our research reputation is very good, but we need to improve in the second most important parameter for ranking institutes – citations. We are currently working with clear and well thought-out strategies for publications to make sure that our high quality research gets the highest possible impact!"


KTH's placements on QS

KTH now ranks 36 among the world’s universities for engineering and technology, according to QS University Ranking. Overall, KTH reached its best result yet in the QS, with eight subject areas ranked now in the top 50 worldwide.

KTH’s placements on QS

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Last changed: Mar 13, 2019