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KTH's nomination for Wallenberg Scholars

Two candidates from EECS

Published Jul 04, 2018

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation have decided to announce the Wallenberg Scholars program in 2018. Here are the nominees from KTH EECS…

Wallenberg Scholars intends to support and stimulate some of the most successful researchers at Swedish universities. KAW currently funding approximately fourty Wallenberg Scholars / Clinical Scholars and intends to expand this with another twenty scholars. KAW is expected to decide which candidates will receive Wallenberg Scholars in March 2019.

KTH selected and nominated 7 candidates, of which four are women of KAW Scholars. EECS nominated four candidates, the by KTH selected nominees from EECS are:

Hedvig Kjellström

Kristina Höök

The other nominees from KTH

Anna-Karin Tornberg, SCI
Felix Ryde, SCI
Dan Henningson, SCI
Sophia Hober, CBH
Mark Howells, ITM