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Learn how to present your research

Published Oct 28, 2020

SEMINAR: "How to talk about your research so you blow people off their chair". Exclusive seminar/workshop with Anders Sahlman and Pontus Ströbaek for employees at the Schools ITM and EECS.

Time: Wednesday 2020-11-25 13.00 - 15.30

Lecturer: Anders Sahlman and Pontus Ströbaek

Location: Zoom

Register here no later than 18 November

Do you want to be able to present your research like a pro? If you can talk about you research in an engaging way, you will be able to reach out with your topic and result more easily. Join an entertaining and useful seminar/workshop with professionals Anders Sahlman and Pontus Ströbaek.

The seminar is in English.

To interview with Anders Sahlman

Anders Sahlman

Anders is an experienced and popular presentation coach who coaches both researchers and TV stars. He has worked with research communication for more than 15 years, appears in TV as an actor and stand-up comedian. He coaches participants in the Researcher Grand Prix competition and has a background with biotechnology at KTH.

Pontus Ströbaek

Pontus has over 30 years of experience of the stage as an actor, comedian, director and screenwriter. In the last decade he has developed his own ideology regarding presentation techniques with concrete tips on how tobecome better at captivating an audience from a stage, a customer in a pitch situation or for that matter get a colleague to listen in the coffee room.

Voices about the event

"Excellent opportunity for all researchers in all stages of their career to develop their presentation skills. Great tips on how to integrate personal experiences and emotions in scientific talks."
Participant, KTH

"Really amazing. There were a lot of concepts that I had not considered that will definitely improve my communication skills. The individualised feedback was very beneficial and not something you often get from your peers."
Claire Lyons, Lund university

"After the workshop, I feel like I can present my research, or any other subject, in a more comfortable and confident way."
Benjamin Jones, Stockholm University


This event is first in the seminar series "Spread your research", arranged by the EECS School and the ITM School.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Anna Gullers,, Research Communications Officer ITM
Maria Malmqvist,, Research Communications Officer EECS