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Lorenzo Frassinetti – Teacher of the year

Lorenzo Frassinetti writing on the white board.
Published May 10, 2021

Lorenzo Frassinetti, Associate Professor at the Division of Fusion Plasma Physics, has been awarded the Konglig elektrosektionen Teacher of the year-award.

He receives the award for: "his pedagogical lectures and a very well-structured course that only improves over the years. In his application of goal-oriented grades, Lorenzo creates a both motivating and permissive form of examination, which drives students to get involved in and utilize the course. The teaching has both a deep theoretical dimension, but often goes up for air by looking at practical applications of the science."

Lorenzo is also available for student questions and requests, and implements changes as needed. This makes the students feel seen and heard and creates commitment to the subject.

Lorenzo Frassinetti is a role model for everyone who conducts technical education in Sweden."

Congratulations! How does it feel to receive this award?

“The teaching assistants and I have invested a significant amount of time in preparing and holding the course. It is extremely rewarding to know that our efforts have been appreciated by the students. It might sound rhetorical, but this will stimulate me to improve my teaching skills even further”.

This is not the first time you’ve been chosen as the teacher of the year you received the award in 2014 as well, why do you think that is?

“The main reasons I was chosen in 2014 (keeping the student active throughout the entire course, for example via a continual examination) are still valid. In 2020, a major difference from the previous years was the digital teaching. We were able to keep the students active during the entire on-line teaching, which is not trivial in a math course. Moreover, it might have helped that during the zoom lessons we were able to blend the ‘good old’ blackboard teaching with power point slides”.

What is the best part about teaching? And what is the most challenging part?

“The best part is definitely when I turn my back to the blackboard, I look at the students and I realize they are understanding. The most challenging part is when I realize that the students are having difficulties to understand. Then, in few seconds I have to figure out a way to be clearer. In this sense, on-line teaching is more challenging than the standard in-class teaching. I had to adapt the lessons to be able to receive a prompt feedback (and I feel that I have not yet fully achieved this goal).

How will you celebrate the award?

“Once the Covid-19 crisis is over, I will celebrate with a "tårta" in my department. The teaching assistants Björn, Erik, Hampus and Kristoffer did a great job. So they will deserve two slices!”