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Almost 250 employees took part in EECS Digital Day 2020

Published Jun 10, 2020

An award ceremony, research seminars, yoga, singing and art were part of the programme at the school's very first digital summer party. The event kicked off on 9 June and nearly 250 of the school's staff zoomed in. Watch the short summary above!

The school celebrated an intense but successful term. Head of School Jens Zander  held a speech about the unusual spring term, the opening this autumn and thanked all the employees for their good and hard work.

After the speech, Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz  revealed the winners of EECS Award of the Year, which went to the course DD1393 Software Engineering, led by Lecturer Dena Hussain  and the VIC project manager Björn Thuresson , with the justification:

The course DD1393 Software Engineering led by Dena Hussain and Björn Thuresson receives the award for its ability to create impact in society by letting the students solve real problems in projects provided by Swedish organizations. In combination with guest lectures and mentoring, this has significantly improved the external relations of the school. With numerous successful projects reported in Swedish news it has also drawn positive attention to the educational activities of EECS.

EECS Award of the Year 2020

A mix of seminars

During STAGExEECS Goes Digital, Associate Professors Bob Sturm  and Niclas Roxhed  talked about their research. Bob presented the research project The MUSAiC project which will develop and study the effects of artificial intelligence on music, and he also made an appreciated performance of AI generated folk music.

Niclas talked about how simplified biological sampling and drug delivery can benefit both patients and health. He also spoke about KTH's project of distributing coronavirus antibody tests, which earlier this spring were sent to 1,000 randomly selected residents in Stockholm.

During Social Distancing Goes Social Happening, Professor Benoit Baudry  offered a software art exhibition, while HR officer Petra Persson  guided the participants through a relaxing yoga session. Systems Manager Fredrik Liljeblad  took us on a guided art and architecture tour at KTH and Associate Professor Leif Handberg  presented the iconic R1's exciting history.

Professor Hans-Peter Nee  rounded off the event with a performance of the beautiful Swedish summer hymn En vänlig grönskas rika dräkt.