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News from the Teachers' Day on 23 August

At the workshop small groups of teachers discussed student recruitment.
Published Aug 28, 2019

About half the faculty gathered in Östen Mäkitalo, the large auditorium in Electrum, to kick of the autumn term with discussions, information and workshops at the annual Teachers' Day.

Head of School Jens Zander and Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz welcomed the teachers back after the summer break.

Leif Kari, Vice President of Education at KTH, introduced himself and talked about education-related goals, like keeping a close connection between research and education and increasing the diversity at KTH. He suggested that the schools at KTH should be more coherent, with differences related to choice of program, not different methods. Also, increased program awareness and group affiliation could increase the flexibility of Doctoral students, according to Leif Kari.

Course impact and course information

After extensive work on research impact at KHT, the focus is shifting towards impact of education and how to increase the amount of impact courses. Robert Lagerström, responsible for impact in education, invited anyone with ideas in this area to contact him. He will also be reaching out to course managers.

Viggo Kann, Director of Studies at the Department of Theoretical Computer Science at EECS, called for new ideas about how to make sure that the students are aware of the code of honour – and do follow its six rules. Proposals from the teachers included everything from informational posters to legal action.

Viggo Kann also talked about some related topics:

UKÄ site visits in October and November

Ann Lantz informed about the quality system that EECS has had since 2017, which involves program evaluations over a six-year period.The quality system itself is now being evaluated by UKÄ (Universitetskanslersämbetet).

– This is the first time we evaluate a system. It is an opportunity for us to see what we are doing. We will be even better afterwards, says Ann Lantz.

The school´s self evaluation has already been submitted and will be followed up with a site visit on 1 October. Then the UKÄ group will continue its evaluation process 25–28 November.

– We do not know who will be selected to participate in the evaluation, so we recommend everyone to look at the report, at least briefly, to know what criteria UKÄ will assess, says Ann Lantz.

The report will be available on the intranet soon, along with the students' evaluation. The final report from UKÄ will be delivered in early 2020.

More news:

  • A three day limit for delivering exams is now required.
  • Use the KTH Degree Project Portal to post your assignments. The Communications and Business Relations department can help you get in contact with companies. KTH Degree Project Portal
  • The possibility to register grades in Canvas is under development. Anyone interested is welcome to participate in a reference group. Contact: Marianne Lundin.
  • A new Emergency groupfor international students is forming, due to an increasing need for support and information about health practices within this group. Contact: Marianne Lundin.
  • Get help with presenting your collaboration skills in the best possible way when applying for funding and promotion. Contact the Business Liaisons Office:

KTH Opportunities Platform (pilot) is a tool for matching students and teachers with alumni. Search the database to find mentors and guest lecturers, or get financial support from the fund. KTH Opportunities Platform