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Nominate for EECS Award of the Year 2020 - ”impact course of the year”

Published Apr 08, 2020

Nominate for EECS Award of the Year by 8 May.

”EECS person of the year” is now the "EECS Award of the Year”.

The award ”EECS person of the year" has been focused on drawing attention to individuals who have made significant contributions to EECS. This year we have changed the rules of the award. The scope of the award has been broadened to other deserving contributions, such as: groups, projects, courses, events and more. “EECS person of the year" is therefore now called the" EECS Award of the Year”. According to the rules each year has a different theme for the award. This year, the theme of the award will be ”impact course of the year".

The award should go to:

  • a course at bachelor or master level that, by working with external organizations in the course, has made an impact in society, and improved the external relations of EECS and drawn attention to our work. This could have been done, for example, in projects, with guest lectures or mentors.

Nominations will be reviewed and ranked by the school's impact manager Associate Professor Robert Lagerström and Professor Wouter van der Wijngaart. Decisions are made after discussion with the head of school group.

Comments from the founder of the award, Robert Lagerström, Associate Professor at the Department of Network and Systems Engineering:

"For me, it has been important to broaden the scope of the award so that it applies not only to individuals and their successful contributions, but also to highlight courses or constellations that have made great contributions to the school. We have many amazing initiatives that deserve to be awarded and presented as an inspiration for others. I would like that more people caught on to using non-academic organisations in their courses, for example in projects, with guest lectures, mentors, or internships. This would give the students perspective of the reality outside KTH and above all it would create collaboration with and make a difference in society. I hope we will receive many nominations in this category this year."

The award is presented at the school graduation, with a speech by a teacher from the winning course. The winner (s) are presented in pEECS June 11 and on the news page with justification.

Other criteria for the prize can be found in the head of school decision J-2020-754 or on the website: EECS Award of the Year

Submit nominations for the award by 8 May. Nominations are sent via the form below.

In your nomination, enter:

  •  Name of course
  •  Name of course coordinator
  •  Justification

Detailed information about the award