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New routine for agreements

Three questions to the school's contract administrator Hanna Holmström

Published Nov 04, 2020

To make it more efficient, there is a new routine for research and collaboration agreements. For faster handling, EECS’ contract administrator Hanna Holmström now collects all information and necessary documents, and ensures that RSO Civil Law and Contracts unit is contacted if necessary.

We have spoken to the school's contract administrator, Hanna Holmström, about the new process. 

Hi Hanna! Tell me, what is your role and what do you do at work?

"Hi! How nice of you to ask. As a contract coordinator at the school, I help with different types of agreements, some examples are confidentiality agreements, industrial doctoral student agreements and research collaborations. I collect all necessary information and documentation to then forward the case to Research Support Office (RSO) Contracts and Civil Law unit for review. When the agreements are ready for signing, I coordinate the signing process and ensure that the agreements are registered and archived."

A new routine has been developed for research and collaboration agreements. Can you tell us a little about it and what applies. Why has the routine changed?

"Yes, that is correct. To streamline the process, it has been decided that the contract coordinator acts as a link to RSO when initiating matters that require legal review / negotiation and that are to be prepared centrally at KTH. As a contract coordinator, I will now be the one who collects all the necessary information and all the documentation. A new system (CASE) has also been developed where we collect information and all documentation regarding the case as well as the legal statement."

So from now on we should send new agreements to you. Does it apply to all kinds of agreements, or which ones should be sent to you?

"There are contract matters that I do not handle, procurement and personnel matters are some examples. On the school's contract page, there is more information about which contract matters I handle. If you feel insecure, you are more than welcome to contact me."

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