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Report from the All employee meeting

Published Oct 19, 2018

​​​​At the all employee meeting on the 16th of October the school’s management and representatives from the operation talked about the latest news at the school and KTH. If you couldn’t attend or if you wish to see the meeting again, both the presentations and the video recording are now available below.

Over a hundred people from EECS gathered in room E1 to get the latest information and news. The speakers consisted of Head of School Jens Zander alongside the school’s management group and Benoit Baudry (CASTOR), György Dán (School Assembly), Tobias Oechtering (Impact project) and Kateryna Morozovska (EECS Ph.D Student Council). Wiebke Köpp, doctoral student at the Department of Computational Science and Technology.


15:15 Introduction from moderator, Wiebke Köpp

Part 1 EECS Management at a Glance, Head of School's group

Part 2 Stories from EECS:

  • The School Assembly
  • Impact project
  • EECS Ph.D Student Council

Part 3 The Future, Jens Zander and Wiebke Köpp

See all presentations from the meeting (pdf 2.6 MB)