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Report from the all employee meeting

Published Apr 29, 2020

At the EECS all employee meeting on 27 April, the school's management and representatives from the organisation talked about the latest news at the school and KTH. Do you want to re-experience the meeting or were you not able to attend? The video recording, the answers from the poll and the presentations are now available.

Around 250 EECS staff gathered at the digital meeting where Head of School Jens Zander spoke about recent news from the school and commented on the situation with the coronavirus. The other speakers consisted of Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz, the Deputy Head of Division Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart, and Associate Professor Robert Lagerström. The Deputy Head of School, Lars Nordström, collected the participant's questions to the management via the chat . In the end, the meeting participants answered three poll questions, see the answers below.

The meeting's agenda

  • EECS-news and comments on COVID-19- Head of School Jens Zander
  • Autumn 2020 from a GRU perspective - Deputy Head of School Ann Lantz
  • Gender balance initiative - Deputy Head of Division Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart
  • EECS of the Year Award- Associate Professor Robert Lagerström
  • Last questions from the audience
  • Thank you for attending- Head of School Jens Zander
  • 13.00 the meeting ends and the chat closes

Poll results

A total of 214 persons answered the poll questions.

A. How much has COVID-19 disrupted your professional life?

1. Completely: 2 %

2. I manage, but it’s sometimes difficult: 40 %

3. Ok: 32 %

4. Better than ok: 21 %

5. No difference: 5 %

B. How are you coping with working from home?

1. Not at all: 3 %

2. I manage, but it’s sometimes difficult: 31 %

3. Ok: 31 %

4. Better than ok: 30 %

5. No difference: 5 %

C. In your opinion, how was this meeting?

1. Not relevant at all for me: 2 %

2. Neither liked nor disliked it: 5 %

3. Ok, I picked up a few new things: 40 %

4. Good: 40 %

5. Very good: 12 %

D. How often should we arrange All employee meetings?

1. Never: 0 %

2. Rarely, only when necessary: 7 %

3. Once a year: 3 %

4. Once per semester: 64 %

5. Every month: 25 %

Questions and presentation

Do you have any questions about the meeting and its content? In that case, please contact the communication unit and we will take it to the management. 

The communication unit's e-mail box

The meeting's presentation (pdf 3.5 MB)