The school's research labs opens up to visitors

Published Oct 09, 2019

In connection to the announcements of the Nobel Prizes, the Nobel foundation arrange Nobel Calling, a week when Stockholm turns into the world capital of science and technology. One of KTH’s contributions are the so-called lab tours that give interested public the opportunity to visit some of the exciting labs at KTH Campus. This year there were three different tours offered and each tour includes visits to three different labs - all from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Hi Louise Gustafsson, communicator and project manager for KTH's lab tours! How did you come up with the idea for the lab tours?

Louise Gustafsson

“The idea was actually born during my first year at KTH. When I discovered how large the campus was and the broadness of KTH's research, I was fascinated and curious about what was hidden behind the doors I passed every day. When KTH Campus celebrated 100 years in 2017, I was part of the project group and was given the opportunity to execute my idea. Our exciting labs and dedicated researchers are an incredible resource, and the public's interest in research and technology is growing by the day. The feedback from the visitors has been incredibly positive and the places always fill up fast”.

What do the researchers think about showing off their projects?

“They think it is fun and challenging to explain their research to an audience with no prior knowledge, and you notice that they appreciate that there is a great interest in their work. Many also emphasises the importance of science outreach, meaning KTH has an obligation to inform and educate the public in our work. After all, our operation is largely financed by the tax-payers. Almost all labs have chosen to participate all three years, I think that is a reassuring result!

Have you yourself visited any lab that you find extra exciting?

“Oh, that is hard... It's like choosing which pastry you like best on a fika buffet! Each lab is interesting in its own way, has engaging researchers and conducts work with strong societal impact. If I have to choose a few that appeal to me personally, I would say Smart Mobility Lab and the large robotics lab at Teknikringen 14. They have good visual demos and research technology that you can easily imagine being a part of your everyday life in five to ten years.”


Do you want to know more about the lab tours? Contact Louise Gustafsson.

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