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Ask us a question via Zoom!

EECS Support & Service

A door sign with "Come in, we're open" printed on it.
Published Dec 01, 2020

We had a quick chat with the three units that are offering drop-in consultation via Zoom on Thursdays.

Hello head of units at the Professional Support, why offer weekly Zoom drop-in sessions?

“Collaboration is key for us and all staff, and I think this is an excellent way of facilitating spontaneous meetings online. We miss the daily encounters we had previous the pandemic and this seems like a modern step to go,” says Sara Johansson, Head of Infra and Service.

The drop-in session is an activity sprung from the results in the Professional Support Survey also known as “the Barometer”. KTH and EECS is a big organisation and the survey shows it is hard to know who to ask and who is responsible for different areas.

“We want to increase the awareness about what kind of help you as an employee can get, since administration can be complex and challenging. Perhaps there is something you are not used to doing daily? Then a quick Zoom with us can help you save time,” says Johanna Järnfeldt, Head of Communication.”

“I agree with Johanna. But let me add one last point. There is a personal touch meeting at Zoom that is harder to get via mail. Our objective is to make our operations at EECS run even more smoothly, but also to connect people. Once you have seen each other via Zoom, it will be easier next time when you just want to send an email” comments Elizabeth All, Head of HR

Hope to see you on Thursday!