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Status recruiting our new head of school

Published Nov 28, 2020

We talked to Professor Monica Ek, Chair of the nomination committee.

Many of us are curious. How is it going?

“I am happy to say that everything is running according to plan and the process is expected to be completed by the turn of the year. Of all the applicants (just over 20), four eligible candidates, two men and two women, have been interviewed by the permanent nomination group and President Sigbritt Karlsson. The next step in the process is to get a deeper picture of the candidates' skills and experience and also give them an increased understanding of our school.” 

Will candidates get to meet anyone from EECS separately, besides the representative in the nomination committee?

“Yes, the final candidate/candidates will meet both Ann Lantz, Deputy Head of School and Christina Zander, Head of Administration to gain insight into what it is like to work at EECS.” 

Is there anything done differently in this recruitment compared to previous similar ones?

“The fact that this position has been announced both internally and externally is a new procedure and a new recruitment process for this type of position. It gives us a chance for a broadened recruitment base and increased transparency in the recruitment process that benefits the organisation. At the same time, it becomes extra important to handle the candidates' integrity in a good way.” 

What will happen after all interviews?

“The nomination committee will propose a candidate to the KTH President. She then decides if the candidate is to be appointed. When all agreements are signed and the date of appointment is settled the decision will be officially announced.” 

One last question, could you give us a hint? How likely is it that we will get an external final candidate?

“Likely. The committee is looking forward to soon giving you more information, please have patience.”