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Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

7 October

Photo: Susanne Kronholm
Published Oct 12, 2021

Here is a summary of the AEM led by Sonja Berlijn in which, among other things, she shared the results from the employee survey, reminded us about the school's routine for agreements, and gave an update on what is happening in first and second cycle education. 

Sonja began with her recurrent theme of health, environment and safety (HSE), where she pointed out how important it is for us to report incidents because we can learn from them. She also reminded us to enter the contact information for our closest relative into HR+.

Reporting incidents, risks and occupational injuries

Results from the employee survey

Sonja also shared more results from the employee survey. It shows several positive aspects regarding our work environment, such as personal development and management quality.

It also shows that 15 per cent have been subjected to behaviour that does not comply with our code of conduct. Sonja also stressed that EECS has zero-tolerance for all forms of harassment and that measures can be expected at all levels. She urged everyone to report inappropriate behaviour to their immediate manager, HR, or a safety representative. Report both if you have been subjected to or witnessed such conduct.

When being discriminated, harassed, sexually harassed or victimized

Absence due to illness and incidents

During the third quarter (Q3), a total of 1.9 per cent of the school's employees took sick leave. Compared to 2 per cent in Q2 and 1.9 per cent in Q1.

Sonja also shared figures showing that sick leave is highest among technical and administrative staff, compared to teachers, doctoral students and researchers. 

During Q3, two incidents and one risk were reported. 

See the presentation material (pdf 2.5 MB)  for more figures regarding absence due to illness and incidents. 

Our mission

Sonja also talked briefly about the school's mission, which is:

• We educate the engineers and researchers of tomorrow.

• Our research is of great importance.

• We collaborate to ensure impact.

Routine for agreements 

Sonja reminded us about the school's routine for agreements whereby all agreements are processed by our contract administrator, the first link to the Research Support Office (RSO).

About EECS' routine for agreements

Interview with our contract administrator Hanna Holmström

Elections for The school faculty assembly

Sonja also reminded us about the upcoming elections for the school faculty assembly and to send in your nomination before 21 October.

See who is eligible and how to nominate yourself

Faculty recruitment and promotions

Sonja highlighted new recruitments and promotions within the school's faculty.

See the presentation material (pdf 2.5 MB)  to see who was promoted to docent, assistant professor, associate professor and professor. 

Congratulations and a warm welcome to EECS!

Updates to the first and second cycle education at EECS

Sonja described what is taking place within the school's first and second cycle education in the autumn. Among other things, the quality coordinators are interviewing KTH's Director of First and Second Cycle Education about how Dean of Faculty and Vice Dean of Faculty handle feedback within the quality cycle of the schools. 

If you want to see what is happening within the field, read the presentation material (pdf 2.5 MB)

Events at EECS

To conclude, Sonja talked about the Degree Project Fair, the school's flagship event which took place on 13 October at Electrum in Kista. 

About the Degree Project Fair

Sonja also asked us to save the date of our winter conference, to be held on 9 December. Further information to follow. 

Questions and answers

During the meeting, some questions were raised, including one on doctoral students and the new migration legislation, amended on 20 July this year. Here, Sonja replied that KTH's management is well aware of the change in the law and plans to make an impact assessment. Sonja also mentioned that there might be solutions, including a reference to this article from Lund University (in Swedish) .

Studying and researching in Sweden (The Swedish Migration Agency)

Another question concerned the telework agreements and when they may happen. Sonja replied that it is an ongoing discussion and applicable to the whole school no earlier than April. The employee survey showed that we have challenges such as bullying that need to be handled first. Sonja also referred to the local project that concerns the entire KTH in the coming years, where we, by 2022, will reduce costs by 10 per cent.

One question was about how Sonja views the RAE report. Here, the Head of school could not answer as she had not been involved in the work nor had seen the report, so the question was parked.