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Toutes nos felicitations, Matthieu Barreau!

Published Apr 22, 2020

Matthieu Barreau, postdoc at the Division of Decision and Control Systems, EECS, has been awarded “Best thesis award from GdR MACS and the control theory section of EEA Club” for his doctoral thesis.

How does it feel to receive this award, what does it mean?

“I am very proud of this award. When I started my doctoral studies, I was not expecting such reward, one of my advisors, Alexandre Seuret, received it in the past and I did not feel I was at his level. Actually, the funny thing is that I am following his path since he also did a postdoc at KTH. If I keep on his path the future it would be pleasant!  

I am also very grateful to my advisors who pushed me to apply for this award and helped to improve my thesis. It was not the easiest period of my life since I became father at the same time. The hours spent feeding my baby during the night probably helped my thoughts, but I am really not sure about that!”

Tell us a little about your thesis?

“My doctoral thesis was about stability analysis of coupled infinite / finite dimensional systems. That might seem a bit esoteric but it has many physical applications. Before writing my manuscript, I thought of applying the obtained results on a concrete example and I chose the control of a drilling pipe. Since the drilling well is very long, one of the most efficient model is a partial differential equation. The controller at the surface and the interaction with the rocks at the bottom are modelled by ordinary differential equation. That makes a coupled system! Analysing the stability of this kind of systems is a real issue today so I am very proud of having made a little contribution in this field.”

Due to COVID-19 we are under special circumstances, how will you celebrate?

“I moved to Stockholm with my partner and son. I think we will order some food on and celebrate this in our small apartment, maybe with a Skype call at the same time. Luckily (or not), it is my birthday this weekend, so I can kill two birds with one stone!”