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UKÄ reviews EECS

Published Nov 27, 2019

During autumn, the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) is conducting a university review of KTH's quality assurance work. The review means that UKÄ evaluates how KTH's system for quality assurance of education at all levels is structured and how well it works. Now it's EECS turn to be reviewed and selected people will be interviewed.

During autumn, UKÄ makes two site visits to KTH. On 1 October, representatives from KTH's management at all levels and the management of the student union were interviewed. On 25-28 November UKÄ will meet staff at the schools, including EECS.

They have selected our civil engineering program in Computer Science and the course Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity (ADK) for closer review. Linked to the track "Continuous follow-up" chosen by UKÄ, there are a number of assessment areas that the school is expected to have answers to. Called for meetings next week are Jens Zander in his role as head of school, Ann Lantz in her role as Director of First and Second Cycle Education, Örjan Ekeberg as program director for the civil engineering program, Viggo Kann and Stefan Nilsson as course coordinators for ADK, Marcus Dicander and a course assistant. Those who are to be interviewed have been to preparatory meetings to understand the quality system and how the interviews will be conducted.

“I participated in an interview together with two other Directors of First and Second Cycle Education at KTH. We did not experience the interview as an interrogation, but as a discussion in a positive climate. UKÄ asked many good questions and it was clear that they had read the material carefully. Now we have to wait until March to know how they view our quality system,” says Ann Lantz, Director of First and Second Cycle Education at EECS.

UKÄ returns with its assessment in March and it may be one of the following alternatives: approved, approved with reservations or questioned quality assurance work.