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Election regarding faculty members of the University Board – voting list

Published Jan 08, 2020

Three new members is to be elected as teachers’ representatives for the University Board for the period of May 2020 – April 2023.

Before the election takes place a voting list will be reviewed and established. A list of persons entitled to vote (voting list) will here be published for the school to review. The list will be kept available until 21 January. This is so the teachers and researchers who wants to, are able to review who is on the list and to make comments. After 21 January the list will be established by Head of School. Comments regarding the list can be sent latest 21/1 to

EECS Röstberättigade till universitetsstyrelsen 20200103 (pdf 467 kB)

More information about the elction can be found at:

An interview with Anna-Karin Tornberg: