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Elections for The school faculty assembly

How to nominate yourself

Photo: Fredrik Persson
Published Sep 30, 2021

It is time for the election of members to The school faculty assembly. Read here who is eligible and how to nominate yourself.

The Faculty Council has introduced two types of collegial discussions; school assemblies and KTH's collegial forum. During the spring term of 2020, school assemblies were established at KTH's five schools with elected members of office until 31 December 2021.

The school assemblies meet at least twice per semester. The meetings are open to all school colleagues who want to contribute and participate in discussions, regardless of assignments in the line organisation.

The members are elected through the colleagues at each department for two years with the possibility of re-election. If you are eligible and wants to be involved, you have to nominate yourself.

Equal representation is vital among the elected members. Therefore there must be as many men and women from each department among the elected members.

Eligibility for The school faculty assemblies

 To be eligible for election to the faculty assembly, one must be employed on at least a 50 percent basis

  •   as a professor, associate professor, lecturer, or researcher (permanent employee)
  •   as an assistant professor, or
  •   as a temporarily appointed teacher (two-year minimum) appointed on artistic grounds.

The assignment as an elected school board member is not compatible with assignments as head of school, deputy head of school or head of department.

If you want to be involved

Do you want to nominate yourself? If you want to get involved and agree to run as a member or to be re-elected for another term, you must email  no later than 29 October 2021.

The departments will arrange the elections. The Dean of faculty and Vice dean of faculty will appoint the chairman and vice-chairman in consultation with the elected members.

The number of elected members per department

At EECS, four candidates per department will be selected.

The expectations of an elected member

  • Active participation in The school's faculty assembly. The task of the elected members is to raise, discuss, and develop relevant issues as colleagues at KTH.
  • Active participation in KTH collegial forum.

"In The school faculty assembly, we can be helped to meet challenges and find new driving forces in our roles as teachers and researchers. Meeting in Zoom has been an excellent way to integrate the entire EECS and colleagues from different campuses", says Gunnar Malm from EECS, a member of The School faculty assembly.