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Join EECS Digital Day 2020 on 9 June at 3 pm – everybody is welcome – just Zoom in!

9 June, at 3.00 pm

Published May 14, 2020

Zoom links EECS Digital Day - see programme below

3pm: Introduction

3.35 pm-3.50 pm: STAGExEECS Goes Digital

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4.00 pm-4.15 pm: Social Distancing Goes Social Happening

Choose which Zoom room to attend

4.20 pm: Closure of EECS Digital Day 2020

No registration needed.

Keep an eye on this page if there are problems with Zoom on 9 June.

EECS Digital Day 2020 programme

3 pm: Introduction

3.35 pm-3.50 pm: STAGExEECS Goes Digital

Keep in mind!

Remember to change Zoom room between the seminars. You'll find the Zoom links in the grey box.

Choose to listen to Associate Professor Niclas Roxhed  (MST) or Associate Professor Bob Sturm  (TMH).

  • Associate Professor Niclas Roxhed: "Simplifying collection of biosamples and delivery of drugs". Closed-loop feedback is fundamental concept in Electrical Engineering and a natural part of any electronic, robotic or signal processing or control system design. However, biologic systems, especially those under drug intervention, often lack good possibilities to measure adequate signals. Instead most of these systems are model-based. By vastly simplifying both biological sampling and drug delivery, this allows for much more data and more controllable biologic systems which in the end is beneficial for patients and promotes health. In the talk I will present some recent strategies in how we used microtechnologies to simplify for patients to gather data and more easily take drugs, and how this can help to fight the consequences of the pandemic and ultimately allow us to know more about ourselves.
  • Associate Professor Bob Sturm: "Folk music at the AI frontier: The MUSAiC project". MUSAiC (ERC-2019-COG No. 864189) is a five year project at EECS commencing later this year that will develop and study the impacts of artificial intelligence technologies on music. One specific area for analysis is folk music, such as dance music from Ireland and Scandinavia. In this talk, Bob will present some of the motivations for this work, and perform some AI-generated folk music.

3.50-4.00 pm: Break

4.00 pm-4.15 pm: Social Distancing Goes Social Happening

  • Professor and Head of CASTOR Software Research Centre Benoit Baudry : "A software art experience about browser fingerprinting". You are invited to a software art exhibition on “browser fingerprinting”, co-created by the re|thread collective and all the digital visitors. Explore the pieces of art that shape and are being shaped by your online presence and discuss software, art and everything in between!

  • HR officer Petra Persson : "Light relaxing yoga". Participate in a relaxing yoga class with our own yoga guru Petra Persson. It will be an easy and fun way to try yoga and get a moment's relaxation. You can take the class sitting in your chair and you do not need to use your video if you don't want to. 

  • Systems Manager Fredrik Liljeblad : "A virtual guided tour of art and architecture at KTH Campus". Come along on a guided photo tour of KTH's grand main building and it's beautiful surroundings.

  • Associate Professor Leif Handberg : "KTH R1 – from an experimental nuclear reactor to an experimental performance space!". Listen to a presentation beginning with post-war discussions in the end of the 1940's, the building of a research reactor for "big science", and how later this unique research cultural heritage site became a place for multidisciplinary meetings and a showroom for KTH activities. 

4.20 pm: Closure of EECS Digital Day 2020

  • Head of School Jens Zander
  • Song performance by Professor Hans-Peter Nee

Recording and documentation

The event will be recorded (video) and screen shots (photo) will be taken during the whole event.