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Professional Support during summer

How to get support during June, July and August.

Published Jun 03, 2020

During the summer the Professional Support is on site, but to a limited extent. Opening hours in service centers differ and the response times may be slightly longer.

E-mail the Professional Support

All units can be accessed as usual via the e-mail addresses (funktionsadresser).

To the e-mail addresses

Service Center opening hours

From week 26 to week 32 (22 June - 7 August), our Service Center receptions at Borggården, Electrum and Q have summer opening hours. Staff are working back office during office hours and can be contacted via Service Center's e-mail address throughout the summer. Summer opening hours are: Mondays and Wednesdays between 10:00 - 12:00.

Fruit and milk deliveries will be paused between weeks 26 - 32.

Send an e-mail to Service Center

Basic services

  • Invoices are handled as usual.
  • Mail is delivered daily at both KTH campus and Campus Kista.
  • Staff will be around to receive deliveries through a special delivery phone number that will be posted on the entrance doors.
  • Access requests, deliveries and simple catering orders will be available all summer (please note that restaurants and catering suppliers may be closed).

The recruitment system closed

Between 13 July and 3 August, our recruitment system, Varbi, is closed for new advertisements or prolongations of ongoing recruitments. The deadline for publication is Wednesday, 8 July. All other functions work as usual.

Agreements that needs review and signature by RSO before summer

During summer, Research Support Office (RSO), will not be fully staffed which means some cases will take longer to expedite. Completing a case often requires the participation and review of several officers, since summer vacations are approaching RSO kindly asks you to send any agreements that will require legal review and signature before summer, as soon as possible.

Signature from the Head of School during the holiday's

Between weeks 26-33 the school's office goes on holiday, which means that answers and signatures may be delayed. We will do our best to handle the cases that come in.

As usual, matters are sent electronically to the Head of School  (including the cover page). Original documents sent by internal mail cannot be guaranteed an immediate signature. Every week a Head of School will be on call, which means that he or she will handle the cases.

IT support and purchase of IT equipment

Campus Valhallavägen

IT support is open all summer, but with a slightly lower service level due to lower staffing.

Campus Kista

The IT technicians who normally handle purchases are on vacation throughout July. However, all incoming orders received via the purchasing function are handled on Campus Valhallavägen. The deliveries will therefore be made to Valhallavägen, and IT technicians will assist with delivery to Kista.

pEECS summer break 18 June - 13 August

The newsletter pEECS takes a summer break and the last issue will be sent 18 June. pEECS will ba back again 13 August.

Tips if you have ideas for the newsletter pEECS

Encode your extension

KTH Switchboard reminds you to encode your extension during your vacation.

Encode your extension

Entrances during the summer

The safety group wishes to remind that external entrances on the KTH campus are locked until 24 August. For questions, please contact

General security information

KTH has arranged for extra security patrolling during the day, both on campus Vallhallavägen and in Electrum, making sure only authorized people are on site. They will focus on the premises to check for things such as open windows, water leaks etc. 

In addition, when the infrastructure team make their daily mail distribution round, they will check all of our corridors at EECS to make sure things are in order.

We kindly encourage everyone to keep an extra eye open and please do not under any circumstances let anyone enter the premises without a KTH access card. This is especially important in respect for the Custodial Services Unit, responsible for the cleaning service at KTH Campus and collegues working on campus. Let’s help them feel safe.