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Important KTH-Res information that affects all employees

Published Apr 06, 2021

During the spring, KTH-RES will carry out a major upgrade of the current version.
We talked to Ann Seares, teamleader of invoice and travel expense, about how this affects us all.

Ann, can you give us a short background, why this update?

"The reason for this upgrade is because the current system (e-Builder) has an “end of life” on 1 July this year due to the company e-Builder ,in 2019, being acquired by MobileXpense, which operates another system, MXP. So if we don’t update it, there will be no system as a travel system."

Why is 7 May an important deadline to be aware of?

"This is the last day to register a travel bill/expense and send it for approval but the financial manager can still approve the reimbursement until 18 May, 2021."

What happens if I miss the deadline?

"If you miss to do so, a new version is in place on 24 May 2021."

Are there other things I need to know?

"Yes, if you are planning to create a travel request you should do that on a form, not in the system, this a temporary change of routine since January 2021. For those who have a travel bill/expense and has a status preliminary or rejected. Please go into the system and update them to definitive if you want a reimbursement, or if you don't, just delete it."

Your to-dos

• If you have travel bill/expenses that are preliminarily that you want to be paid, send them for review.

• If you have failed travel bill/expenses, please go in and complete and send them back to us for review.

• If you do not want to make ABOVE points and have travel bill/expenses that are in the system, please cancel them.

• The travel bills/expenses that you have not had time to register, please register in good time.

KTH only reimburses travel expenses/expenses for a maximum of one year from yout return from travelling.

More information about KTH-RES

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