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EECS internal news

  • Andris Vaivads joins Division of Space and Plasma Physics

    Professor Andris Vaivads
    Published May 21, 2019

    We are happy to welcome Professor Andris Vaivads who recently joined the Division of Space and Plasma Physics! Vaivads primary research focus will be ...

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  • New PPT presentation about the school

    Published May 09, 2019

    A new PowerPoint presentation about EECS available on our internal pages. The presentation has both a Swedish and English version.

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  • Congratulations to Dominik Baumann

    Marco Zimmerling (TU Dresden), Romain Jacob (ETH Zurich), Fabian Mager (TU Dresden), Dominik Bauman, and Sebastian Trimpe.
    Published May 08, 2019

    A big congratulation to Dominik Baumann and his co-authors who just have received the Best Paper Award at the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyb...

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  • EECS is looking for a new programme director!

    Published May 07, 2019

    By the end of the year, our PA for the Master's programme in Computer Science (TCSCM) will retire and we are now looking for someone that can take ove...

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  • The school's management group retreat at Tammsvik

    Published Apr 10, 2019

    The school management, including all head of departments and divisions held a retreat at Tammsvik in Bro last week.

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  • Films about research environments at EECS

    Published Mar 27, 2019

    During the winter, EECS has produced films about some of its unique and world-leading research environments. The first round of films includes the Sma...

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  • Photos from the KTH President's visit

    Published Mar 13, 2019

    Thursday 7 March, KTH's President Sigbritt Karlsson and Deputy President Mikael Östling visited EECS. The full program included tour of laboratories, ...

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  • High QS placements for electrical engineering and computer science at KTH

    Published Mar 13, 2019

    KTH scored record numbers at the QS University Ranking by subject 2019, the highest placement being in electrical engineering (19) but also in compute...

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  • Chipping for Change

    Professor Gerald Q. "Chip" Maguire Jr.
    Published Mar 11, 2019

    Professor Gerald Q. “Chip” Maguire Jr. is not retiring quietly. Instead, he is leaving his mark on students, faculty, and administration by migrating ...

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  • Head of School group's blog

    Published Feb 28, 2019

    Subscribe to the blog by clicking the subscribe button in the blog’s upper right corner.

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  • The President visits EECS

    Published Feb 25, 2019

    On the 7th of March, KTH's President Sigbritt Karlsson will visit EECS to view presentations of some of all interesting research at our school. Points...

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  • The time is here at last, semeltuesday!

    Published Feb 25, 2019

    Dont't miss to share a semla together with your colleagues this Tuesday (5/3) at 14:00.

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  • Office relocation within the Professional Support

    Published Feb 13, 2019

    In order to give even better service and support, some staff within the Professional Support has been relocated as follows:

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  • Election to the Faculty Council at KTH – voting list

    Published Jan 31, 2019

    A new Faculty Council for the period July 2019-June 2023, including a Dean and Vice Dean, will be appointed in April 2019 through an election among te...

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  • EECS Teachers conference

    Hedvig Kjellström, RPL
    Published Jan 17, 2019

    The first EECS Teachers conference of the year included presentations on Canvas, the project "Outcomes-based assessment and grading criteria" and the ...

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  • Impressive results in Impact doctoral course

    Published Jan 03, 2019

    Can one practice on creating impact? Yes, and that is exactly what the doctoral students in the course “From Research to Impact” has done during the f...

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  • Reduced professional support and access to Service Center during Christmas holidays

    Published Dec 18, 2018

    24 December to 4 January the EECS professional support will have limited service.

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  • Extortion mail warning – contact IT if you need support

    Published Dec 18, 2018

    Several recipients at KTH have recently received extortion mail.

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  • Notification of procurement over the direct tender limit by 2019

    Published Dec 17, 2018

    By 28 December the procurement department wishes to receive notifications of purchases of goods and services over the direct procurement limit, now SE...

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  • Mikael Skoglund named IEEE Fellow

    Professor Mikael Skoglund
    Published Dec 11, 2018

    When the IEEE association announced the Fellows for 2019, non-other than Mikael Skoglund, professor in Information Science and Engineering, was found ...

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