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EECS internal news

  • Winner of the Google PhD Fellowship 2021

    Alireza Farshin, Doctoral Student at The Division of Software and Computer Systems (SCS)
    Published Sep 27, 2021

    We met up with Alireza Farshin who has won the award Google PhD Fellowship 2021 and talked about what the fellowship will mean.

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  • Cinnamon roll day

    Photo: Unsplash
    Published Sep 23, 2021

    The day is soon upon us when Sweden celebrates the pastry wonder known as cinnamon roll and Service Center cordially invites you to join for a fika wi...

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  • Online software art exhibition

    Drift – an online software art exhibition
    Published Sep 21, 2021

    The exhibition Drift lets you explore search engines in a way you never thought about them. It lets you discover the intricate strata of code and netw...

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  • Hi, Micke Prytz!

    Published Sep 14, 2021

    We have spoken with Micke Prytz, who was appointed the school's Safety coordinator in June . This means, among other things, having overall responsibi...

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  • Congratulations Hamed Taghavian!

    Published Sep 10, 2021

    The Doctoral student Hamed Taghavian, won the Best student paper award at the European Control Conference (ECC21) for his work on the paper ”Preservat...

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  • Summary of the All employee meeting (AEM)

    Photo: Susanne Kronholm
    Published Sep 08, 2021

    Here is a summary of the autumn's first All employee meeting (AEM), where the Head of School talked about HSE (health, environment and safety), the sc...

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  • Support for the school's managers

    Sarah Kullgren, who has been working with Ledarwebben.
    Published Sep 06, 2021

    We have spoken to Sarah Kullgren at the HR unit about her work on The leadership web (Ledarwebben) and about how the new pages will support the school...

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  • Congratulations Christos Verginis!

    Published Sep 03, 2021

    The European PhD Award is given annually in recognition of the best PhD thesis in Europe, in the field of Control for Complex and Heterogeneous System...

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  • The union and the Head of School on the return to campus

    Published Sep 02, 2021

    As stated by The President's decision, from 16 August, we return to the workplace since it is assessed that a higher degree of physical presence is ne...

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  • Congratulations Lissy Pellaco!

    Lissy Pellaco in front of the sea.
    Published Sep 01, 2021

    Lissy Pellaco, doctoral student at ISE has been awarded “Outstanding Student Paper Award” at the International Conference of Acoustics, Speech, and Si...

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  • Research summer school

    Priyanka Shinde and the two students she mentored
    Published Aug 31, 2021

    Rays is a summer research school aimed at students who are in their second year of high school and who have a burning interest in science, technology ...

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  • Sonja Berlijn on her school tour

    Published Aug 24, 2021

    Before the summer, EECS' Head of School Sonja Berlijn ended a tour where she visited the school's divisions and the Professional support's units. She ...

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  • Congratulations Bo Normark

    Published Aug 24, 2021

    A legend in power grid technology, and a pioneer in smart electricity grids and battery systems. KTH Royal Institute of Technology's new honorary doct...

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  • Doctoral student influence at EECS

    Published Aug 23, 2021

    We have talked to Wiebke Köpp and Sina Sheikholeslami who, at the end of 2020, were elected chair and vice-chair for the EECS PhD Student Council. Rea...

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  • Welcome back!

    Photo: Petter Karlberg
    Published Aug 18, 2021

    Head of School Sonja Berlijn welcomes everyone back to a new semester and clarifies what applies to EECS' staff on the decision to return to the workp...

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  • Register for Slack training sessions

    Published Aug 17, 2021

    Join our webinar for EECS staff and learn more about Slack.

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  • Response rate EECS employee survey

    Published Jun 28, 2021

    Here you can see the school's final response rate to the employee survey, divided into departments, divisions or centres. The school management will g...

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  • A radically different approach led to best paper award

    Ana Rusu and Dagur Ingi Albertsson.
    Published Jun 22, 2021

    Hello there, Ana Rusu and Dagur Ingi Albertsson! You have co-authored the paper “A Magnetic Field-to-Digital Converter Employing a Spin-Torque Nano-Os...

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  • Summary of EECS Digital Day 2021

    Published Jun 22, 2021

    Did you miss the school's digital summer celebration or do you want to see pieces of it again? Here you will find the Head of School's summer speech a...

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  • EECS Award of the Year 2021

    EECS Award Winner 2021
    Published Jun 15, 2021

    School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science honorary nomination 2021 is, in two equal parts, awarded to Educational administrative manager M...

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