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Interoperable Retransmission Protocols with Low Latency and Constrained Delay

Master's thesis presentation

Time: Fri 2019-06-28 13.00

Location: Seminar room Grimeton at COM, Electrum, elevator B, 4th floor, Isafjordsgatan 22, Kista

Participating: Tofik Sonono

With a high demand for interoperable solutions for reliable low latency transportation of live media, something needed to happen. The purpose of Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) and Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is to have all vendors of broadcasting equipment support an interoperable way of communication. The lack of interoperability locks consumers into one particular vendor’s family of products - most often this equipment only supports a proprietary technology. Interoperability creates a more competitive market space which benefits consumers and gives vendors an incentive to be more innovative in their solutions.

The purpose of this thesis is to assess the performance of these protocols by comparing their performance to a proprietary solution (seen as an established solution in the industry). The challenge is to test these protocols in a lab environment, but have the results represent real-world use. For this, a large subset of samples is needed along with samples measured over a long period. This sampling was made possible by writing a script which automates the sampling process.

The results indicate that the versions of RIST and SRT tested in this thesis to some extent compare well to the selected established protocol. In many scenarios, SRT even did much better, mainly when a line with a single feed was tested. For instance, when the network suffered a 2% drop rate and utilized retransmission SRT performed the best and was the only protocol which had some samples where no packets were dropped during one hour of measurements. When running all three protocols at the same time, SRT also did the best in a network with up to 12% drop rate. The results in this thesis should give a broadcaster an idea of which of these protocols will fulfill their requirements in a broadcast application.

Keywords: Reliable Internet Stream Transport, Secure Reliable Transport, Interoperability, Retransmission, Live streaming