The school’s crisis response organisation

Below is a description of the EECS school’s crisis response organisation.

Emergency number

SOS Alarm: 112 (in emergencies)
KTH alarm number: 08-790 77 00 (completely dedicated to major accidents and crises)
KTH's safety support number: 08-790 99 00 (leads you to the security guard support)
EECS emergency number: 08-790 99 99

The Crisis Group

Role Contact
Head of School
Head of Administration
Head of Security
Communication manager
HR manager
Responsible, Electrum laboratory
Vice responsible, PDC
Head of Student Affairs

The school’s emergency plan

Emergency plan for EECS 2020 (pdf 1.0 MB)

Decision by the Head of School: Emergency plan for EECS 2020 (pdf 49 kB)

Purpose of the Crisis Group

The Crisis Group is assigned to resolve emergencies and guide the operation back to its standard position. The crisis organisation is summoned if the operation or a part of the operation has been the subject to crimes, threats, accidents, deaths, burglaries, threats to the IT system or threats to the ongoing operation.

When handling a crisis, the school will contact KTH’s group for crisis management. The school’s Crisis Group has the authority to lead and make decisions during a crisis.

Crisis management

KTH campus on Valhallavägen

Teknikringen 33, conference room Gustav Dalhander
Alternative: Lindstedtsvägen 3, room Biblioteket (the Library)

In need of evacuation of Teknikringen 33, a center for crisis management will be established on Lindstedtsvägen 33. Contact: Sara Johansson, 08-790 80 73, or the EECS Service center.

KTH Kista

Room Ledningscentralen, Back Office rum 5338 (HR managers room).
Alternative: Meeting room Ada Lovelace, Electrum floor 4, elevator A, SCS.

External center of crisis management

In need of evacuation of Electrum, a contact with SU DSV at Borgarfjordsgatan will be established. Contact: Tuiha Lehton, administrative manager, phone number 08-16 16 26

Crisis information

In all the rooms mentioned above is a binder with crisis information.

Crisis binder

KTH central pages on crisis

Crisis support for employees and students (only in Swedish)