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Relocation and renovations at EECS

Published Nov 11, 2020

During 2020 there have been some moves and renovations going on at EECS, we spoke to Sara Johansson, Manager for Infrastructure and service to find out who has moved where, what has been renovated, and what relocations are yet to come.

Service center in Kista

Hi Sara Johansson, Manager for Infrastructure and service at EECS

There have been some relocations on different campuses, tell me more?

"A lot has happened during the spring and more will happen until the turn of the year. In Electrum, there will be a local adaptation after the MNF department (SCI school) has moved to Albano, where the SCS department moves to level four (also jokingly called "The West Wing"). The EEA department is moving to the third floor and will be sitting there together with the operational support. IT and infrastructure & service will be adjacent to the Service Center and the student reception will be moved to the premises next to the kiosk Amigo, where the ping-pong room used to be, by lift A."

And at EECS central?

"At Teknikringen 29-33, only the infrateam and local IT support remain. The school management and large parts of communications are now located on Lindstedtsvägen 7. On Malvina's road 10, the finance department have been strengthened with more personal where everyone is gathered on level 3. The NSE department has moved from Malvina's road 6 to Teknikringen 29–33, and EPE has moved a floor up and partly co-located with the EME department."

The above moves have already taken place or will be postponed until the turn of the year, which move will take longer?

"The RPL department will be moved to Lindstedtsvägen 24 in connection with an extensive renovation and rebuilding; where the entire department moves and this should be ready by the beginning of 2022."

There have also been some renovations?

"On Malvinas väg and on Lindstedtsvägen 24, both entrances have been renovated and given a facelift, the kitchen on Malvinas väg 10, floor 4 has been completely renovated."

A bird whispered in my ear that you also have been rewarded an enviromental bonus?

"Yes! Sixty thousand, but you can read more about that in the next newsletter."