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EECS Award of the Year 2020

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science honorary nomination 2020 is awarded to the course DD1393 Software Engineering


The course DD1393 Software Engineering led by lecturer Dena Hussain and Björn Thuresson Project manager of the Visualisation Studio VIC, receives the award for its ability to create impact in society by letting the students solve real problems in projects provided by Swedish organisations. In combination with guest lectures and mentoring, this has significantly improved the external relations of the school. With numerous successful projects reported in Swedish news it has also drawn positive attention to the educational activities of EECS.

Dena and Björn, what is best with running this course?

There are many things great about this course, including the unique learning environment for our students, knowledge bridging industrial and academic practices creating a creative environment for all.

How does it feel to get the EECS Award of the Year 2020?

It makes me feel proud of our students accomplishments, since this is mainly a recognition of their hard work and creative thinking.

How will you use the money to improve the course?

I think the prize can be used for study trips or facilitating tools and technologies that our students can use in future projects supporting their learning process.