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EECS Award of the Year

”EECS Person of the Year "is now "EECS Award of the Year”. Send your nomination no later than 1 May 2021.

EECS Award of the Year

As of 2020 the award will be given to a person (or persons), event, course, constellation or a initiative that:

  • has made significant efforts beyond the expected for EECS in research, education, collaboration or administration, and / or
  • has contributed to the visibility of the school's activities in the public eye and / or the research community; and / or
  • has represented the shared values of EECS and is seen as a role model.

Who can nominate

Candidates are nominated by the the school’s departments, divisions, or the professional support. The category, and eventual theme of the year is presented at the start of the nomination period. Regarding the award 2021 there is no specific theme of the year. Deadline for nominating is 1 May.

Recipients are selected by the head of school. In order to receive the award, the nominated person or representative, if it is a course, event, constellation or similar, can attend the award ceremony that usually takes place at the school's summer party.


The recipient (s) will receive a prize fund of SEK 25,000 to be used for study trips or if it is a course, event, constellation or similar to development funds in the awarded field.

If the recipient(s) is/are employed, the funds are transferred to the awarded field of study. If the recipient is a person and a student/scholarship recipient, the award is a travel grant.