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Organisation of EECS's Professional support

Here you can read about the organisation of the Professional support, and see what the different units work with.

Organisation chart of EECS' Professional support
Organisation chart of EECS' Professional support

Download the organisational chart of EECS' Professional support (pdf 21 kB)

The Communication unit

The objective of the communication unit is to contribute to the school's overall goals by executing communicative initiatives that strengthen KTH's and the school's education, research and collaboration. The unit works strategically, tactically and operatively, constantly aiming for ”one KTH” by:

  • Making education programmes visible to prospective students.
  • Facilitating and creating external visibility for researchers.
  • Offering common areas where business, researchers and students can meet.
  • Supporting management and employees in internal communication matters.
  • Management of the school's digital platsforms such as websites, internal pages and social media.

The projects of the communication unit align with KTH's overall strategies and documents:
KTH's communication strategy, KTH's vision 2027, the EECS school's development plan

At the page Communication support and tools , there is more information about the communication unit. You can also send an e-mail to the communication unit's e-mail box

The Educational Office

Educational office work with issues due to educational administeration. We work within first-, second-, and third level education. Our work is based on KTH's strategic documents and regulations.

The Educational Office is headed by a Head of Unit and a Deputy Head of Unit. 

Send an e-mail to first and second cycle education support
Send an e-mail to third cycle education support

The Finance unit

The school's economists provide support in the areas below.

  • School management: ​planning and development as well as budget and follow-up
  • Divisions and departments: ​budget and follow-up
  • Project management: ​calculations for applications, budget, reporting and follow-up
  • Ledgers:​ check and account of supplier invoices. Produce customer invoices. Follow up payments.

 Get in touch with the finance unit via your department support

 The HR unit

The primary task of the HR unit is to support the school's managers and employees in the personnel area in a qualified and proactive manner, in order to reach an attractive workplace with a pleasant working environment. The HR unit works among other things with attract, recruit, develop, Retain and terminate. The HR unit's work is governed by applicable laws and regulations, as well as KTH's guidelines and instructions, and the HR policy.

Send an e-mail to HR-support  or contact your division support team .

The Infrastructure and Service Unit

The Infrastructure and Service Unit is responsible for the school's single point of contact: .

We work proactively and upon request in the following areas:

  • Reception: access cards and keys, catering orders etc.
  • Infrastructure: delivery of mail, office moves, office furniture, kitchens, fruit, printer rooms etc.
  • Travel and event: doctoral defense celebrations, booking of travel for guests, conferenes & workshops etc.
  • Purchasing: small and big purchases and procurements.
  • Record keeping: EECS record keeping system and archives.
  • Project support: coordination and project management.

You can always contact us with any questions you may have and we will refer you to the right place. We work a lot out and about in the school's different premises and you will see us there or in one of our Service Centers. Send an e-mail to Service Center

E-mail addresses (funktionsadresser) to the professional support

Here you'll find the e-mail addresses to the support functions within the professional support. They are monitored by staff who are designated to handle and answer individual cases.