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Template for internship agreement

Students doing their degree project at a company are sometimes having demands from the company implying that information from the student's internship/project must not be disseminated. Agreements of this kind are not acceptable since students at KTH are expected to present their report, which will then become public. In addition, all theses shall be published in DiVA.

The problem mainly affects French DD students, since French companies must establish an agreement to show that the person does this as part of an education and that it is therefore an exception to a regular employment. Due to this, the International Relations Office at KTH has developed a template together with a French Grande Ecole and KTH's lawyers.

IRO recommends the schools at KTH to use this template for all students who need to establish an agreement. If the company requires a more detailed Intellectual Property Agreement they can establish that together with the student in addition to this agreement. KTH should nevertheless not be a party in any IPR agreement.

Agreement for internship (docx 26 kB)