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Discontinuation of a course

Process for discontinuation of a course.

Process description for discontinuiation of a course, supporting documents and decision template can be found on the KTH intranet, Avveckla kurs (in Swedish only) .

  1. The Director of Studies for the course, the examiner and the concerned Programme Directors investigates the reason for discontinuation, consequences and how discontinuation should be implemented according to the KTH process for discontinuation of a course, and in consultation with student representatives.
  2. The Director of Study fills out the decision template and sends it to the course syllabus reviewing committee,
  3. The reviewing committee reviews the decision and, if necessary, supplements it, in consultation with the Director of Studies.
  4. The School's Office of Student Affairs prints out the decision to discontinue the course and mediates the decision to the Director of Studies, the Director of First and Second Cycle Education and the Head of School for signatures.
  5. The School's Office of Student Affairs registers the decision in the register system W3D3.
  6. The School's Office of Student Affairs sends the scanned decision to
  7. The School's Office of Student Affairs, when necessary, enters the changes into the course syllabus and marks the course syllabus status as ”completed”.
  8. Convertus in Kopps automatically translates the syllabus into English (the original must be in Swedish).
  9. The Director of Studies reviews and approves the translation.