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Registration of grades for courses and degree project courses

All registration of grades are made via Ladok. The previous registration of grades in the system Rapp is closed.

Grade registration for courses

All grades shall be registered by you as a teacher via Ladok. There are however some courses that are not registered by teachers themselves, grades for these courses should be sent to Following information is needed in order for the grades to be registered:

  • first and last name
  • course code
  • module, if applicable 
  • grade date
  • grade

Grade registration for degree project courses

All degree projects are reported by e-mail from the examiner to with the following information:

  • the final pdf-file of the report
  • if the degree project has a title in Swedish, an English translation is needed 
  • the student's name
  • course code
  • grade and examination date

Students shall create their cover themselves, without TRITA-number. The education-support handles everything else: completes the report with the student´s personal identification number and TRITA number, checks the cover, reports the grade, prints out copies for the archives and makes sure that the thesis gets entered into DiVA, and notifies the examiner when the grade is ready for certification. Collection of additional forms is also included for courses starting with the letter E.

It is important that all examiners certifies the grade as soon as possible, the list of grades for certification should be held empty. 

N.B. When certifying a degree project in Ladok - be careful to only certify own students you have been examiner for. As examiner for a degree project course you are able to see all grades that are marked for certification in Ladok on that course. This is not a system failure or a mistake by the administration, this is how Ladok is built and connects examiners to courses. This is unfortunately not possible to change. It is therefore important to never tick the box "mark all" when certifying degree projects.

Manuals and support 

In KTH Social you can find instructions and manuals for registration and certification of grades, see new Ladok at KTH

In case of problems with registration of grades, start by checking the pages in KTH Social. If you do not find the answer to your problem, you can turn to education administrator at the School's Office of Student Affairs.