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Request for review of grade

Here you find the school's routine for handeling requests for reveiew of grade.

Request for review of grade

Students who want to apply for a review of grade shall fill out a specific form for this. Instructions and form are found at the student service support's webpage,

Once the School's Office of Student Affairs has received the form, an administrator will print out the student’s scanned examination from Windream and send both the form and the printed examination to the examiner. 

After the review the examiner indicates a decision of correction to the grade, or a decision of no correction, at the bottom of the form followed by the examiner’s signature. The form and the written examination should then be returned to the administrator for a final scanning. When this is completed, the student is able to see the scanned examination via the tab "Services" in the personal menu at

If the examiner has decided that the grade should be corrected, the administrator will assist the examiner to update the grade in Ladok. Please note that the examination date should not be changed.